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What Are The Different Custom Plantation Shutter Options In Bluff City?

November 30, 2023

The leading plantation shutters come customized to accommodate your particular needs and windows. But it can be challenging to select what you want with so many options. Which color will harmonize with your interior? What style of tilt rod makes the most sense? What frame is right for the window? Here are several tips for creating the ideal window treatments with your favorite plantation shutter options in Bluff City.

Choosing Plantation Shutter Colors In Bluff City

Dark wood plantation shutters on a window above a beige couch
You’ll discover many appealing colors of plantation shutters in Bluff City. Premium wood Ovation® shutters come in a wide array of paint and wood stain colors. Moisture-resistant Polywood® shutters can be ordered in three shades of white. Find inspiration with the following interior window shutter color ideas for Bluff City homes:
  • Select crisp white Polywood shutters to blend with modern decor.
  • Select wood shutters in a stain color that matches your home’s current wood elements.
  • Utilize wood shutters to incorporate warmth and richness to your home’s style.
  • Consider white shutters to contrast with bold wall colors.
  • Go with bright white shutters to complement any interior design effortlessly.

Sunburst’s Shutter Designer tool can help you see your the different shutter color options adjacent to your wall and how the many plantation shutter options in Bluff City work together. Click here to try out the Shutter Designer.

How To Customize Shutter Tilt Rods

White Polywood shutters with hidden tilt rods on windows in a living room
The tilt rod connects a shutter’s louvers and adjusts them in unison. Traditional tilt rods are seen on the face of your shutter panels. If you don’t like this look, you can get hidden tilt rods built into the unseen side of your shutters.


If you would find it beneficial to open the upper louvers for daylight and keep the bottom louvers shut for privacy, choose split tilt rods or a divider rail. Both options let you adjust the upper portion of your louvers independently from the lower portion.

How To Pick A Plantation Shutter Frame

 Large window with interior shutters in a kitchen.
According to the style of interior shutter you choose, you’ll have a variety of possibilities for frame styles. Consulting with your shutter design specialist, figure out what sort of frame will be compatible with your window first. They can tell you if your window needs an inside- or outside-mounted frame (or if either is appropriate), and what types you can find.

Once you are aware of your choices, have a good time selecting one that complements your home’s architecture. Consider picking a

  • Frame with a sill piece if your window has a sill protruding from it.
  • Frame that looks similar to your crown molding.
  • Craftsman frame for your Craftsman home.
  • Decorative frame.

Picking The Size Of Your Interior Shutter Louver

Selecting a louver size primarily comes down to taste. Do you prefer the appearance of wide louvers, narrow louvers, or something in the middle? You'll want to consider how the louvers appear when turned outward and shut. Sunburst Shutters provides louvers in three widths: 2.5”, 3.5”, and 4.5”. The thinner the louvers, the more there are in the shutter panels. All those horizontal lines can obscure your vision when the shutter panel is secured and the louvers are tilted open. You could go with the 4.5” wide louvers if that’s a concern. Although, the 3.5” width is unquestionably the most sought-after size.

Find The Right Interior Shutters At Sunburst Shutters NW Tennessee

Take a look at your plantation shutter options in Bluff City at Sunburst. During your complimentary in-home consultation, we’ll help you figure out what features will provide the best interior shutter. Contact us at 276-685-5343 or submit the following form to request yours today.