The Sunburst Factory

Sunburst Shutters Kingsport is proud to sell Kingsport interior shutters and other window treatments that are completely Made in the U.S.

Kingsport shutter factory

Our main plant is located in Wausau, Wisconsin from which we make countless sets of shutters each day. We also do some manufacturing here in Kingsport. Every step it takes to build our shutters takes place here in America, from sourcing the materials, to the assembly and finish of the shutters themselves. Several companies source their materials from foreign countries and only assemble it in the USA, but that’s not how Sunburst operates.

See what a difference that 100% American quality can make for your home.


Our factory utilizes cutting-edge equipment custom-made for Sunburst that lets us produce 100% custom shutters and window treatments. We’ve also minimized waste and increased efficiency through equipment and processes that are more environmentally conscious.

It is a privilege to say we’re made in America. Very few window treatment companies can make that claim. But Sunburst Shutters Kingsport always has been and always will be.

These Sunburst Kingsport window treatments are completely American-made: