What Are The Best Window Treatments For Over The Kitchen Sink In Kingsport?

Jacob Hayes

If you’re looking for window treatments, be sure to consider your kitchen -- even if you only have a single window over the sink. If you’re worried about water or food splatters disfiguring a window treatment over the kitchen sink in your Kingsport home, install Polywood® plantation shutters. These products add appeal to all areas but are noted for withstanding the often wet and messy kitchen environment.

Plantation shutters over a farmhouse kitchen sink.

Dazzling Faux-Wood Shutters Look Attractive In Any Kingsport Kitchen

Window treatments over your kitchen sink in Kingsport should offer function and durability. With that being said, your over-the-sink treatments will seem as elegant as your living room treatments when you hang popular, faux-wood plantation shutters.

This sought-after product melds easily with any design scheme. They come in in several shades of white that harmonize well with kitchen appliances and finishes, and their strong panels of functional louvers create texture that contrasts beautifully with the smooth surfaces of your kitchen. Interior shutters add subtle appeal to both high-end and restrained kitchens and all spaces between.

Polywood shutters in a Kingsport gourmet kitchen.

Interior Shutters Resist Damage From Harsh Conditions

Have you ever seen moisture on window panes when doing dishes or heating water to a boil? That moisture latches on to window treatments over your Kingsport kitchen sink, where it will deteriorate standard fabric products as time passes.

Instead, you should look at faux wood shutters. The faux-wood material and tough outer coat ward off the effects of warm and wet conditions. These popular window treatments are impervious to water. Polywood shutters will not be yellow, warp, or chip from high levels of humidity.

Sunshine and weather extremes will have no influence over on the Polywood material. When Installed for your kitchen window, your shutters endure both old air and powerful UV rays. These exceptional window coverings won’t shrink and expand due to interior warmth or outside cold, nor will they fade in sunlight.

Plantation shutters in a bright Kingsport kitchen.

Polywood Plantation Shutters Allow the Perfect Amount of Natural Light

Lighting is important in your Kingsport kitchen. It would be silly to harm yourself because the lighting is too dim! Plantation shutters bring in the desired level of natural light and are easy to operate. Simply swing the panels outward or move the louvers with the easy-to-use tilt rod. You’ll never have to fuss with tangled cords or a pull bar that’s too high to reach when you need more illumination.

If you want full light, swing the panels open wide. If you have too much sun, close the panels and move the tilt bar to your desired light settings. If needed, alter the slat position to redirect glare off of shiny surfaces in your kitchen. If you don’t like neighbors seeing into your home after dark, close everything tightly for total privacy.

Polywood shutters in a Kingsport kitchen.

Faux Wood Shutters Clean Up Easily

Kitchen surfaces collect grease, crumbs, and dust. Any window treatment over your Kingsport kitchen sink must be easy to clean. When taking this into consideration Polywood shutters are great for kitchens. Their hard, smooth finish will not trap odors or collect stains like cloth alternatives. A simple wipe with your lightly dampened rag, and they’re clean again.

You’ll never have to spend too much time carefully poking your duster through the slats as you do with flimsy blinds. The well-made louvers are durable, and you can choose from different sizes, including wider ones that leave large spaces for your hand and cleaning cloth.

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