8 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Kingsport Home

Jacob Hayes

Kingsport residents love reclaimed wood and how its unique attributes enhance their home décor – inside and out. It’s become a new way of repurposing weathered wood and fully showcasing your one-of-a-kind style. Reclaimed wood products are genuine eye-catchers whether you use it on a wall, your cabinets, or – imagine it! – your windows. Looking for some suggestions on how to showcase the most appealing features of reclaimed wood properly? We’ve gathered 8 sensational ideas for you – each and every one applied to wonderful effect in Kingsport homes.

1. Reclaimed Wood and Windows

It’s about time: that window treatment of reclaimed wood you’ve been hoping for is now readily available to you. Sunburst Shutters now offers a plantation shutter crafted from certified reclaimed wood. We joined with Stikwood, an FSC-certified company, to provide the finest reclaimed wood from which to construct these shutters. In truth, Sunburst is the lone company providing reclaimed wood shutters in the Kingsport area. We searched high and low for the reclaimed wood you like and used it to engineer a louvered shutter that’s not only beautiful but functional.

Reclaimed wood shutters in living room

Reclaimed wood can become the makings for a window treatment that’s wholly original. It helps, of course, when your reclaimed wood shutters are a masterpiece in themselves. And Sunburst ensures that they are. You’ll quickly discover that their smooth, simple operation is as gratifying as their look. Tilt the louvers open to allow more light. And tilt them closed to more fully appreciate the weathered look of reclaimed wood on your window. Learn more about reclaimed wood for windows in Kingsport

2. Walls of Reclaimed Wood

Nothing brings the outside inside as invitingly as a reclaimed wood wall. Reclaimed wood paneling turns your wall into a quiet but compelling showpiece and adds a homey feel to the room. It makes no difference whether you have a bookcase, fireplace, artwork, or TV to call attention to, a reclaimed wood wall will look beautiful behind it and provide the very effect you’re after.

3. Reclaimed Wood and Floors

Looking to redo a floor in your house? Lots of wood flooring can warm up a room, but flooring of reclaimed wood has a unique beauty reflective of the time – usually decades – the wood has spent in its natural outdoor environment. Whether you love the outdoors or simply love the look of weathered wood, you’ll be ecstatic about what a reclaimed wood floor can do to enhance your home.

4. Reclaimed Wood and Cabinets

On account of the the easier access you have to reclaimed wood, you couldn’t find a more opportune time to make over your kitchen cabinets. It’s the natural way to revitalize your kitchen completely. Each panel of reclaimed wood tells a remarkable tale – of decades [[spent in an old building, for example, or as part of a barn or fence. And a trace of that narrative will survive in your reclaimed wood cabinets, called forth each time you and others admire them.

5. Reclaimed Wood as a Table

A tabletop partially or completely made of reclaimed wood can impart a trendy, assuredly novel ambiance to your dining room or home office. Unite the subtle, natural hues of reclaimed wood with your décor scheme for a harmonious look that fulfills your expectations – at the same time it blows your guests away!

6. Bookcases of Reclaimed Wood

However else we may view them, books make fantastic decorative pieces. Leather, vinyl, buckram, or paperbound books and those with colorful dust jackets look great on a coffee or end table, on a bookshelf, or in a large bookcase. Their charming variety is both highlighted and unified in bookcases of genuine wood, too. And bookcases of reclaimed wood, given their natural colors, knots, holes, scratches, and other markings, become a particularly distinctive, one-of-a-kind furnishing.

7. Picture Frames of Reclaimed Wood

The simple, natural look of reclaimed wood is perfect for picture frames. It actually can enhance your favorite artwork and personal photos in a uniquely splendid manner. What’s just as noteworthy that frames of reclaimed wood can be assembled in a wide range of styles, so they’ll complement nearly any look you’ve established for your home.

8. Reclaimed Wood for a Headboard

Not much can reinvent the look of a bedroom like a smartly designed and constructed headboard.

It’s anybody’s guess anymore as to whether homeowners want their headboard attached to the bed or attached to the wall behind the bed. However you prefer it, a headboard made of reclaimed wood planking can be particularly breathtaking. It’s natural coloring and imperfections lend themselves to an expansive range of styles, from antique to modern. With reclaimed wood, you’ll discover there aren’t any limits on your imagination to to stop you from creating the headboard that dreams are made of!

Get Reclaimed Wood Inspiration

We hope we’ve inspired you with these 8 ideas for getting the most out of reclaimed wood. As you might expect, though, we have a great many more ideas – ideas that work beautifully with the reclaimed wood shutters only we make so readily available in Kingsport. Our team will be more than happy to show you samples of our shutters, answer your questions, and give you lots of other great design ideas. Call us at 276-378-7422 to arrange your free in-home design consultation at your convenience!